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The grand voice acting ambitions of the CUE! anime continue in a second cour, which kicks off with more fun on April 8. Ahead of that, a panel at Anime Japan 2022 took the opportunity to preview more of what’s to come, including a sample of the new theme song, “Tomorrow’s Diary,” performed by the members of up-and-coming VA agency AiRBLUE.



Here’s the first-press limited edition jacket for the “Tomorrow’s Diary” single:



Standard edition:



You can stream all of CUE! so far on Crunchyroll.



Set at the offices of “AiRBLUE”, a rookie voice acting agency with no track record or experience, CUE! follows the trials and tribulations of a group of young women who follow their dreams of becoming voice actors. But the voice acting world is highly competitive, and no matter how much someone practices, not everyone will make it past the audition process. Despite frustrations and setbacks, the story of a new generation of voice actors is about to begin.


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