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In a recent live stream, Granzella revealed some new details about Disaster Report 5.


It will have an open world and its story takes place three years after the first Disaster Report game. Additionally, the game’s story is set near Stiver Island, where the first game also took place.


Granzella’s chief creator Kazuma Kujo also mentioned that characters from previous entries will make an appearance, including the first Disaster Report’s Natsumi Higa and Masayuki Sudo. He clarified that while Sudo was the protagonist in the first game, he will not be so in Disaster Report 5.


However, it seems like Natsumi Higa’s brother is. During a live stream last year, Kujo said, “Last time, she was 22 or 23 years old, but now she is a college student. Her brother is the main character of the story. And the story is about his big sister coming to pick him up. It’s set in the fall. Open-world.”


She was 17 in the first Disaster Report and 23 in Disaster Report 4, where she now worked as a high school teacher. Given that Disaster Report 5 takes place after the first game, it makes sense she is college-aged but still younger than she was in the fourth game.


The platforms for Disaster Report 5 have not yet been announced.




Source: Gematsu, GamesTalk


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