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Old enemies make unlikely allies in a dramatic, credit-free version of the opening animation for I’m Quitting Heroing, a currently broadcasting TV anime based on the series of light novels written by Quantum and illustrated by Hana Amano about a former hero who decides to help rebuild the kingdom of the Demon Lord that he conquered as part of his heroic duties.



The original I’m Quitting Heroing light novels are published in Japan by Fujimi Shobo (a division of KADOKAWA). HIDIVE describes the story of the I’m Quitting Heroing TV anime as follows:


After defeating the despicable Demon Queen, Leo Demonhart does not earn a hero’s welcome, and those he fought to protect now regard him with suspicion and hostility. With nowhere else to go, Leo seeks employment with his former nemesis!


A key visual for the upcoming I'm Quitting Heroing TV anime featuring the main cast of former fantasy heroes and villains posing together.


The I’m Quitting Heroing TV anime is directed by Yuu Nobuta and Hisashi Ishii and features animation production by EMT Squared. The series is currently broadcasting in Japan, and it is also available via streaming on HIDIVE in the United States and other world markets.


Source: Ota-suke


Copyright notice: © 2022 Quantum・Hana Amano / KADOKAWA / “Yusha, Yamemasu” Production Committee


Megumin and Aqua from KONOSUBA! God's blessing on this wonderful world 2 smile and pose for a Crunchyroll ad banner.


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