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Virtual Cinderella Project announced the name of its virtual idol unit, “NHOT BOT,” at the special live-streaming presentation yesterday on April 7. The unit name means “A truly new and precious existence that is neither animated nor human. It’s not a BOT at all, but a truly new and precious existence.” And the unit’s tagline is: “Change your life, move the clock.”


The “Virtual Cinderella Project” is a joint project by bilibili and Sony Music to launch a virtual idol unit. Its first three members are Japanese VTuber Kagura Mea, Hanazono Serena, and Hiseki Erio, who are very popular in Japan and China. The three have a total of approximately two million followers on bilibili and 350,000 on YouTube.


The unit consisting of the first three and another three members selected through auditions – Amane Luna, UzuMe, and  Seira Mint – will be fully supported by bilibili and Sony Music for a limited period of one year, with the aim of realizing a global “Cinderella Story” centered on Japan and China.


The unit’s first single featuring Kagura Mea, Hanazono Serena, and Hiseki Erio, “Ashita Kimi no Te wo Nigireta nara” (I wish I could hold your hand tomorrow), was released digitally today on April 8, and its music video is now streamed on the project’s official YouTube channel.



“Ashita Kimi no Te wo Nigireta nara” MV:



Digital single jacket:



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Amane Luna, UzuMe, and Seira Mint:



Source: bilibili press release


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