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Back in December, Falcom revealed the next entry in its The Legend of Heroes series as The Legend of Heroes: Kuro no Kiseki II -CRIMSON SiN-. The sequel is coming to PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5 in Japan this fall, and you can check out the first teaser along with some new details below.



Leading the charge in this one is the young Spriggan Van Arkride, voiced by Daisuke Ono.



Other characters revealed thus far include Agnes Claudel (Miku Ito), first-year student at Aramis High School and member of the student council and General Affairs department. 



Elaine Auclair (Chiwa Sato) is an A-rank bracer with master-class skills who works under the Sword Maiden nickname. 



CRIMSON SiN finds Van investigating a bizarre massacre in a corner of Edith City that interrupts a period of relative peace in the Republic of Calvard. The plot thickens as the hunt for the culprit begins and Van encounters a young boy and girl in search of something that will lead them down an inescapable path. 


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