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Talent agency 81 Produce revealed over the last two days that two agency members, Nanami Yamashita, who is best known for voicing Nanami Hisami in the Wake Up, Girls! franchise, and Yu Serizawa, who has voiced Shera L Greenwood in the How Not to Summon a Demon Lord TV anime, have tested positive for COVID-19. 


Yamashita came down with a sore throat and slight fever on April 8 and undertook a PCR test on April 9 which confirmed a positive result. Serizawa on the other hand just had a sore throat on April 9, testing positive on a PCR test on April 10. Both are currently recuperating at home at the advice of their local health care centers. 81 Produce is currently investigating close contacts for both agency members.


Nanami Yamashita’s agency profile photo


Yu Serizawa’s agency profile photo

Yu Serizawa's agency profile photo


Yu Serizawa is also a member of the anison group i☆Ris, who announced that the Saitama leg of their i☆Ris 7th Live Tour 2022 ~Traveling~ on April 16 has been postponed due to Serizawa testing postive. The group confirmed that the rest of the members of i☆Ris have tested negative for PCR tests.


Sources: 81 Produce (1, 2), i☆Ris official website


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