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WARNING: Spoilers for episode five of SPY x FAMILY are below.


Loidman’s daring rescue of Princess Anya in this week’s episode of the SPY x FAMILY TV anime was a joyous sight to behold, and tieing it all up in one perfectly created package was the insert song from (K)NoW_NAME. As Loidman took on his own agency and an inebriated Yor, (K)NoW_NAME‘s “TBD” played in the background, heightening the tension.


TOHO animation released a full music video for SPY x FAMILY the song last night, complete with on-screen lyrics to help sing along while we watch Loidman swing in to save Princess Anya. 



Catch the adventures of Loidman and Princess Anya every week in the SPY x FAMILY TV anime when it streams here on Crunchyroll every Saturday.


Source: TOHO Animation on YouTube


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