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Spike Chunsoft revealed an unconventional game on Sunday, inviting players to take part in a real-time Twitter-based mystery called Hidden Bats. The game centers on missing persons who have access to smartphones that can only be used for a limited time each day, so they use that window to provide information and codes via Twitter, after which players have a chance to respond with the proper passwords to help solve the case and save them.


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To participate in Hidden Bats, you just need to follow the main account and the accounts of the two missing persons, Aine Ichirai and Binato Sotobara. Here’s a look at their character art:


Aine Ichirai




Binato Sotobara




And here’s a step-by-step breakdown of how to play:


1. Follow the official Twitter accounts of Hidden Bats and the two missing persons.

The official Twitter accounts of Hidden Bats and each of the two missing persons will provide information about the case, the missing persons themselves, and the mysterious images that serve as a code.


2. Refer to the Sunaiku Foundation website for information on the missing persons cases.

The Sunaiku Foundation is an organization that provides support to bring missing persons cases to their resolution. The site includes information on cases involving Hidden Bats. The Sunaiku Foundation Official Site: https://sunaiku-foundation.com/en/


3. Decipher the code based on a hint video to obtain a password.

Using video from a certain source as a hint, decipher the code presented by the missing persons.


4. Reply with the password to the missing person on Twitter

Send the correct password as a reply to the missing person on Twitter. 


Source: Press release




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