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Coco Hayashi, a member of the voice actress unit Run Girls, Run!, who is best known for her role as Mirai Momoyama in Kiratto Pri☆Chan, celebrated her 20th birthday on May 15, and announced that she will release a memorial photo essay book titled “Coco Hayashi: Koko Kara (From Here)”.


She made her debut as a voice actress in 2017, when she was 15, by playing Ayumi Hayashi in Wake Up, Girls! New Chapter!, and has performed as a member of the three-member unit alongside Yuka Morishima and Nanami Atsugi since then. On her 20th birthday, she posted the following message on Twitter along with a photo of herself in a kimono.


“I turned 20 years old. I would like to express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who support me. I want to aim higher and keep running the path I believe in. First of all, I will do my best for my birthday live on the 22nd!”





Special orders for the book will be available on June 1. Further details will be announced at her solo birthday event, “Coco Hayashi 20th Birthday Live – Koko Kara-“ to be held on May 22 at the Asakusa Flower Theater in Tokyo.





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