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After scores of badminton boys have filled out the cast of the Love All Play TV anime, it’s time for the girls to get a chance to complete the cast. The franchise announced on Twitter last night that voice actor Mikako Komatsu, who is most well known for voicing Maki Zen’in in the JUJUTSU KAISEN anime, will be joining the adaptation of Asami Koseki‘s novel series as Hana Sakurai.





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Love All Play is directed by Hiroshi Takeuchi (Blade & Soul) and streams every Saturday right here on Crunchyroll after its Japanese broadcast. Crunchyroll describes the series as such:


The protagonist, Ryo Mizushima, enters a junior high school and joins the badminton club on the spur of the moment. Although there are no proper instructors at the school, Ryo’s physical strength allows him to improve to the point where he is able to participate in the prefectural tournament. Then Ryo is approached by Ebihara, the famous coach of the prestigious Yokohama Minato High School badminton club. Ryo, who is indecisive and humble, hesitates to go to the school, but his older sister, Rika, who is the top student in her third year there, gives him a strong push and he decides to go. Blessed with a coach and teammates at high school, Ryo gains the experience he’s been lacking and aims to win the Inter-High School Championship! 


Source: Love All Play on Twitter


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