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May 23 marks “Kiss Day” in Japan, a romantic day celebrating the release of the first Japanese film featuring a kissing scene on this day back in 1946, Hatachi no Seishun. While kissing in all forms of media is now much more common, back then it was a very rare occasion, with Hatachi no Seishun breaking the mold and showcasing youthful love. 


To celebrate the day, the Japanese website AnimeAnime.jp polled 287 users on what their favorite kiss in anime was. 30% of the respondents were male with the other 70% being female. 60% of the total was under 19 years old, with the rest over 20 – skewing the results much younger than the usual anime ranking. 


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Note that Crunchyroll didn’t have any say over the ranking or the results. We’re just as interested as you in what anime fans think!


Warning, there may be spoilers!


Pokémon XYZ

Image via Amazon Prime Video Japan


  1. 8th (Tied)The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya – Kyon and Haruhi
  2. 8th (Tied)Yes! Precure 5 GoGo! the Movie: Happy Birthday in the Sweets Kingdom – Koko and Nozomi
  3. 8th (Tied)Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World- – Subaru and Emilia
  4. 7thInuyasha – Inuyasha and Kikyo
  5. 6th Sasaki and Miyano – the titular characters
  6. 5thFruits Basket – Kyo and Tohru
  7. 4thPokémon XYZ– Ash and Serena
  8. 3rdAssassination Classroom – Nagisa and Kaede
  9. 2nd Sword Art Online – Kirito and Asuna
  10. 1stDetective Conan/Case Closed – Shinichi and Ran


Fruits Basket


What s your favorite anime list? Is it a romantic one or one that surprised you? Let us know down in the comments!


Source: animeanime.jp


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