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SACRA BEATS is an anisong portal YouTube channel operated by SACRA MUSIC, Sony Music Entertainment Japan’s anisong-specialized label. The channel has offered various contents such as “SACRA MUSIC NEWS” featuring the latest anime songs and information on SACRA MUSIC artists, and “SACRA BEATS Anime Remixes” featuring remixes of popular anime songs by DJs from around the world.


On May 25, SACRA MUSIC launched “SACRA BLUE BEATS,” a new project in which a big band performs instrumental covers of popular anime songs, on the YouTube channel. A new song will be added every fourth Wednesday of the month. Its first video “The Everlasting Guilty Crown,” the opening theme song for the TV anime Guilty Crown originally performed by EGOIST, is now streamed.



“The Everlasting Guilty Crown -SACRA BLUE BEATS Mix-“




The second cover song, “GO!,” the fourth opening theme for the TV anime NARUTO performed by FLOW, is scheduled to be posted on June 22, and the third song, “Connect,” the opening theme for the TV anime Puella Magi Madoka Magica performed by ClariS, will follow on July 27.





Source: SACRA MUSIC press release