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Takao Saito’s legendary professional assassin character, Golgo 13, has teamed up with Nissin yakisoba and SCHAU ESSEN sausages in a tasty and education collaboration campaign that includes a web commercial demonstrating how to create “hard-boiled weiner yakisoba”.



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In the web commercial video (above), Golgo 13 is tasked by Sir Hume to “satisfy his hunger”, resulting in Golgo 13 cooking up a dish of “hard-boiled weiner yakisoba” using a single frying pan. The campaign also includes a gift giveaway on SCHAU ESSEN’s official Twitter account (@schauessen_nh) in which 100 people will receive an assortment of Nissin yakisoba and SCHAU ESSEN sausage products. The gift giveaway campaign runs until June 09, 2022.


Source: Comic Natalie


Copyright notice: © Takao Saito / Saito Production / Shogakukan


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