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Serve up your favorite drinks with a series of fancy glassware dedicated to the strong boys of Dragon Ball Super!


This trio of Edo-Kiriko glasses depicts Goku, Gohan, and Piccolo in action, each with character-inspired colors and glass-cutting designs:


Goku glassware

Gohan Glassware

Piccolo Glassware


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Each glass has a wicked sick Shenron engraving on the opposite side:


Dragon Ball glassware - Shenron


And if you’re wondering where the Dragon Balls are, they’re right there on the bottom — next to each glass’s limited-edition number.


You found them! Good work!


Each glass is handmade by a master craftsperson in tradition Edo-Kiriko style, and arrives in a paulownia box. Because each glass is individually made, there may be slight variations between them.


Dragon Ball Edo-Kiriko glass making

Dragon Ball glass box


Glasses are currently on sale via the Premico website for 32,780 yen (tax included). Each glass is limited to 590 units (a reference to “59” being readable as go-ku).


© Bird Studio / Shueisha

© “2022 Dragon Ball Super” Production Committee


Source: Comic Natalie





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